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Services and Products


CLH Family Farms offers a full array of customizable farming options that can make a solid difference in a make or break year for you. From spraying and planting, to ground work and harvest, we bring solutions that work! That, combined with our arsenal of tilling equipment, high speed planters and high clearance sprayers, plus our sophisticated harvesting systems for corn, cotton, grain sorghum and soybeans, we bring the skills and assets you need to stay on track and on schedule for a successful year.

Land Leveling

While patchy weather conditions are just part of farming, “patchy” fields don’t have to be. Poor drainage and low yields can be solved and we can show you how with our land-grading services. We start by understanding that at the core of every healthy farm is a generational vision and commitment to sustainability. Boost your yields, end erosion and keep your farm’s schedules more predictable and profitable. Our experienced laser-guided precision grading and leveling services can turn brown spots green! Let us show you how.

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SureCrop products deliver quality nutrients to crops and can be blended for your field's needs. Sure Crop offers a full range of starters, Potassium – Nitrogen – Sulfur, foliars, bio-stimulants, secondary elements and micronutrients, and specialties. CLH also offers custom spraying or delivery of products to your location.   


Fueled by a love of farming, innovation, and technology, 360 Yield Center has products for more efficient nitrogen and chemical application. From nitrogen to getting the most harvest, 360 Yield has something to make your application, planting, and harvest efficient to get the most out of every pass across the field.

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